And here the winner for the best Halloween costume of the party…

It’s been a while that I don’t update my blog… that’s because I’ve a little treasure that require care and a little of my spare time.
That said, I’m really happy to have a little less time to update my blog for this :)
Another thing is that… mmh… You have noticed that I’m speaking english now? right?
This is in order to mantain my blog a little bit more International, even if I think that my english will make smile more than a few people.

I’ve something that I missed to post here… so I will try to recover in these days.

Here you can see some images about my final entry for the Halloween Challenge 2012…

Before you ask I put my hands on: the challange did not provide any prize and no ranking … only the pleasure of participating and sharing :)

The final image is missing some background and some detail… actually I’m working at it in my spare time and I will submit some progress as soon as I can

Continua a leggere

The Strange Couple

Grotesque, not very reassuring and a bit disturbing …

here is the odd couple

La strana coppia

Made for a contest on CGHub where without even a vote I finished in last place … but fortunately I was the only participant, so eventually I even won :)

PS: A click on the image give you the high-resolution version :D

Below a short timelapse of roughing the gentle lady