Skore Jhon

September 2010

Official Contest “Sham Universe” (From 2010-14-6, to 2010-14-9) , organized by and sponsored by Pixologic and Topogun

  • First Prize and Excellence award with the sculpt Skore Jhon inspired from a personal concept

Here some images of the turntable of the digital sculpt rendered with and without texture

And a 3D “stereo” video Turntable

This character was made for the CharactersForum’s “Sham Universe” contest.

I hope you like how I liked it … because it would mean that you like it so much!

The model is 99% zBrush (only some basic mesh was done outside)

He is a Mercenary of the Sham Universe, he like big guns and his name is
Skore Jhon (in italian “Skore Jhon” sounds a bit like “Big Farter”)… but do not be led astray because he’s a real hard man!

a wireframe:

if you like this character don’t miss the Making Of HERE

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