Iron Fist

This is my personal version of Iron Fist, done for a 3D Jam on CGHub

July 2011

Fan art of Iron Fist, the mighty Marvel superhero, created for pleasure.

Here some images of the turntable of the digital sculpt rendered with and without texture

A stero turntable (cross your eyes to see it in 3D)

And an 3D anaglyph one (for those with red-cyan goolgle)

And here some “Work in progress” images

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A sign of life in a long time

After a period of silence due to a series of happy events that, as side-effect, have led to a reduction of the free time and of the tranquility necessary to cultivate the computer graphics , I return here with something completely different.
Although I know that I will leave the tablet to take “dust” for quite a time… but I know also that a day I will return to th CG with (I hope) works as good as I did the last.

In the meantime, I have dedicated myself to something closer to my job, and that I can easily manage despite the many interruptions caused by the new two small inhabitants of my apartment.
It is the porting for smartphone of a typical card game played on the region where I live.
For now there is only the ‘Italian’ version of it, but I planned to make also the “International” version in english, in order to export the game.

If you are interested and you know Italian language, then you could follow me on the official page of the Apllication…

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