My first 3D Print

The pack arrived today!

By the way, when I won the contest with the Spawn model I was really tempted to try to make it real with a 3D Print.
I have checked on zBrushCentral and googled a little in order to check the best 3D print services for zBrush creations and I requested some quote to Ownage (seeing their work I can tell that they are really the best!), to moddler and to Offload Studios.
The quote arrived, but, in order to have a 3D print of aprox 5″ of this bust the minimum request was around 600$… I was really tempted, but my wife took off my smile threatening instantaneous castration.

Fortunately my friend (you know Doctor Danko right?) advised me to ask his friend Paolo Camelio who owns a 3D printer and the dream came true without the risk of a eviration!!!

I sliced the zBrush model in some pieces and exported them in STL in order to have a 130mm statue.
Today I received the print and I will start soon with the preparation of the bust!

Here some photo

If you want to contact the friend in order to ask some hint for a 3D Print…
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Turntables Turntables Turntables

In these days my PC was working hard on night…
I have made a little zBrush Plugin in order to do these stereo turntable: for now it is a bit rough, but I will try to make it a little better in the future.
For now you can download it from this post on zBrushCentral.

All these are made in order to improve a little my portfolio.
If you have some red-cyan google or some other 3D trick you can check the 3D version on youtube.

Hope you like these

please check in the video option and set an higher resolution (I’m sorry but my WP youtube plugin seem not working properly…)

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Some other Stereo Turntables

No much time to start some new model… but I renewed a little my portfolio with some new zBrush renders.
Here a sample:

Please check my portfolio page in order to see other new renders :)

The last night I launched on the same model my zBrush macro in order to make a “stereo” turntable.
Here the result:

If you cross your eyes you could see it in 3D… otherwise you could check THIS VIDEO on youtube in order to see this in 3D without crossing your eyes.
In these next days I think that I will run the macro on other model, so in the near future I will post more of these “stereo” turntables.

Colab with Christophe Desse

It happened alredy one time with my model of Kaneda… and now I’m very happy to see the result of another colab with Christophe!
It’s awesome to see what happens when one my model goes in the rights hands!
Chris has done a really great job with these renders: I think that the feel and atmosphere of these images is unique and fit perfectly with the Spawn model.

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Too bad… Google Friends Connect dead :(

The news about the dead of Google Friends Connect was around but I have noticed only after it was put down…
Unfortunately now, the Google Friends is supported only for blogger’s blog but not here.
I replaced the widget with a “Google Friends like widget” but I have some doubt about it…
I have also added the Facebook “Like” button… but for now this blog like only to me, to my brother and to my wife (or I have to say that like to me with the account of my wife)…

So please… push the like button and I will be a little bit more happy :)